Friday, August 10, 2012

2 or 22

You know when you reach that point in life where your kids seem to be at a good age, they can get themselves up, they can do their own hair, they can cook small meals, they can go to a swimming pool and you don't even worry about them drowning, all these little thing that seem to make you think; WOW, my kids don't even need me............sad times!!!

And that is why the Lord sent me Kennadee 

She is so grown up in some many ways and in others she is like a 2 year old.  And yesterday was a prime example of both.  She is heading off to Jr. High this school year and although she looks like an 8 year old in stature she indeed is old enough.  As we all know when we enter our kids in school, there are 2 years the kids dread for the same reason; kindergarten and 7th grade, why; because of immunizations.  And this was the year for Kennadee's 7th grade shots YAY!!!  So let me give you a little back story if you will.  I was in Maryland in April and that just happened to be the time that K, needed her shots so I so smartly told her Dad to take her.  I loved that he agreed because I knew what was in store for him and I just got to sit back and wait for the story of how everything turned out.  He called me after it was all done and said "yeah, I will never be doing that again."  I asked in my most sympathetic voice "why, dear?"  and here is what he said;

First off I made the mistake of telling her "before" we got in the car where we were going, so I had to practically drag her to the car, then she started crying and didn't want to get out of the car, once I convinced her to get out of the car she decided that she would hold tightly to the railing out front, when I finally peeled her off the railing, she held onto the door, when I finally got her into the building and sat down to fill out the paper work she just cried and cried and then when it was finally her turn, I practically had to drag her down the hall and basically sat on her while the nurse gave her the shots.  It was not fun Melanie!!!

I smiled big!!!  I have been with Kennadee since birth and have been there for allllllll immunizations and so I knew what he was getting into and even though I gave him suggestions of what to do and what to avoid doing, he made the mistake of thinking "she's old enough not to do stuff like that".  Little did he know, and thus the big smile on my face :D  The bad part came when Scott told me that one of the shots was a 3 part series, ugh, So yesterday I took her in for the 2nd part and she was for the most part okay, she was still nervous, pouty and had water-filled eyes but I just had to keep telling her why it was important that we get immunizations and how she would be just fine.  When she was finally called back, she let the waterworks loose and started panicking so I tried to help her breathe and realize that she would live, it came to the point where I had to say to her, "either you can sit here and I can just hold your hand or I have to hold you down while you get the shot."  She looks at me and says "you are going to have to hold me down!!!"  I started laughing and she look at me with these bewildered eyes and asked why I was laughing, I told her I was sure she was the only child ever who had made the request to be held down while getting a shot.  So I sat down on the chair grabbed her and with my arms holding her arms down to her side and my leg crossed over hers, she got her shot and it really only stung for a minute but she had to milk it for all it was worth, as we were walking out of the building I told her to quit crying so that she wouldn't scare all the little Kindergartners who were there to get shots and she just shot me a look of unbelief and cried "they need to know that it hurts"   Oh my, she really needs to get into Drama!!!


Her grown up alter came out that night as we were helping out at a wedding reception for a ward member, she was such a huge help to me, she was quick to do what was asked of her and she went above and beyond what I or anyone else asked her to do, I was truly grateful for her help.  I always get a kick out of watching her at weddings, she just is so enthralled with all that happens, at one point the whole wedding party was dancing and she just couldn't hold still, so I sent her out to go and watch and dance if she wanted, the Mother of the Bride just smiled and laughed as she said to me, Holy Cow I can't believe little shy Kennadee is just out there watching and enjoying herself without you glued to her side, made me think of how grown up she has become this last year. 

They may not need me for every second of the day, but I do like knowing that if all I am needed for is to hold them down for a shot, that they can still count on me!  :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dream Weaver

The other night Scott and I were just about ready to doze off when we (mostly I) were frantically awaken by a voice saying "HOLY COW, HOLY COW, HOLY COW" along with some other non-discernible words, I sat up and started hitting Scott "Go find out what that is!" I said. "It's Zach talking in his sleep again" he said not moving, so I made him get up and go in his room.  When he came back he was laughing and said that when he went into Zach's room he was sitting on his knees on his bed, Scott asked him if he was okay and he just waved him off with a "yeah-yeah" then Scott asked him what he was dreaming about and Zach said "I was fighting Zombies and killing them with my nerf gun!!!!"  I am so glad to know that Zach will be ready for when the Zombie Apocalypse comes and that with all his nerf arsenal we will be safe!!

Then this morning I was telling Scott about my weird dream, I was pregnant but I didn't know it until the baby was pushing so hard on my belly that you could literally see the feet imprint and count toes, so in my dream I had to keep pushing the feet back in, so I started wondering if I was pregnant with an alien and right before I found out, I heard this voice "Are you going to wake up now???"  Augh, Scott ruined it, now I will never know if I was pregnant with an alien baby, Scott said that when he was asking me this, it looked like I pushing on my belly, which he thought was weird until I told him my dream!!

So needless to say we, Zach and I, must be two peas in a pod, our dreams are very 3D, don't you wish you lived in our heads at night!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SSC w/ Z&Z

Zachary has been attending Science Summer Camp this week with his friend Zane and, wow; they are on a roll, this week I have found:

*matches on the front porch
*water droplets all over the kitchen floor (and I mean allllll over)
*many plastic cups filled with all sorts of colorful goo
*lists of potions he wants to concoct 
*lots of whispering and laughing (never a good sign)

Other than dealing with all that while I am filling my time with painting and getting some home improvements done, he has been so funny and quick witted (just like his Dad *sigh*)

-One morning I was asking him to unload the dishwasher and he said to me, insert a whiny voice "but that isn't my job." So I tell him "well, nothing is your job this week!" meaning we are not doing our usual weekly job chart since the girls are not here and Bradley is gone for a couple days, he quickly piped in with "well then, I will do nothing and I will do it well!!!" "ha-ha, smarty pants, now take out the garbage as well...!"

-I was getting ready to take the boys to SSC and Zach pipes up with "Mom, start the car while I go brush my teeth", "yes sir, Zach" when he finishes getting ready he comes in and says; "andele, andele, let's get going!!!"  As I am grabbing my keys and purse, I am saying, "I just have to grab my............." when he so suddenly interrupts me with "That can wait, let's go!!!"  Do you kind of understand why I call him Zac-man aka Boss-man?!?!?!?

-We were listening to the radio before SSC one morning and I break out in song and pretty soon Zach is joining in with me, but the cutest thing ever is that, as I am dancing (ever so awesomely, mind you) into the kitchen, I look over and Zach is dancing as well, but he is facing away from me so he can't see that I am watching him, it was so cute, I loved it!!!!!!!!  (and he is going to be so embarrassed that I am telling you all this but I don't care, it was adorable) I love having memories like this :)

-He has made a list of ingredients for some stuff he wants to make and on his list is Mouth Wash, here is his list of ingredients for that:
     *spring mint flavoring
     *hand sanitizer

Do not, I repeat, do not put anything Zachary has "made" in your mouth, unless it is his secret ingredient fry sauce (do not worry, I know what the secret ingredient is), I know he will be a genius one day, it is just surviving until that day that I worry about!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


38 years
456 months
1,985 weeks
13,893 days
333,432 hours
20,005,935 minutes
1,200,356,148 seconds

have passed in the life of Scott King, all this time has gone by with nary more than a bump or bruise and if you heard the stories he tells of his childhood this would almost seem like a miracle.  But Sat. June 23, 2012 it all came to a screeching halt.  Scott was in Bradley's bedroom trying to rip out baseboard and he was using this tool:

I was in the kitchen and I heard Scott holler out "Mel, oh crap, I cut myself really bad, oh crap, it is really bad, get me something to help stop the bleeding!"

My heart just sank, I didn't want to go in because I knew for Scott to say it was bad, I knew it was probably worse than I could imagine, but I grabbed some paper towels, took a deep breath and ran into the room. Thankfully, because of Scott's quick thinking, he grabbed his leg and put so much pressure on his cut that when I got to him he was not even bleeding, quite the miracle since you can see how deep the cut is:

The only good thing about this is that; Scott can now stop saying that he has never had stitches in his life, it kind of made me happy,  especially since he narrowly escaped getting them twice in the period of about 8 days last October.  I told him that he needs to stop thinking he is invincible, he is getting old and he needs to be more careful, he looked at me and said "okay", but he said it with his "I love you, but I am not listening to you" grin!!!  

$25 co-pay, 9 stitches on the inside, 11 stitches on the outside and 1 green apple sucker (to help with not passing out) later, Dr. Darren declared him; put back together again!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week with no kids pt. 5

Day 5 of no children and I am a little lonely :(

You know how at the end of Day 4 I put that I went to bed @ 12:56 am, well I did, but my mind would not shut off; I was trying to pull together a talk for church on Sun. and it just wasn't coming together like I wanted, soooooooooo no sleep for me, I like to worry that way.

5:00 am - finally fell asleep :D
9:30 am - woke up in a panic, my phone beeped with a reminder about piano lessons, I couldn't for the life of me remember what time I was suppose to be there though.  So I jumped in and out of the shower then had to find a past text message telling me the time of my lessons......sheesh, talk about a heart attack.
10:30 am - piano lessons - Lainee will be proud to know I passed off my songs!!!
11:15 am - worked on special project
12:00 pm - stopped to have a very special lunch  - A Zacky lunch (only with good bread)!!!

12:30 - 10:30 pm - worked on special project, it is hard work so someone had better appreciate it A LOT!!

2 more days until I can be with my kids again!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Week with no Kids pt.4

Thursday - getting closer to my kids coming home!!!

7:30 am - woke up, wanted to snuggle with my Lainee :(
8:00 am - finally round up enough dishes to actually have a full dishwasher!
8:30 am - walk/ran only 1.43 mi. today, got new shoes, need to break them in.
9:15 am - got text from Cassie, she was ready to switch cars, now Kennadee will no longer be embarrassed to be in such a small car!!!
10:15 am - left house, went to get gas, and realized I forgot stuff at home.
10:28 am - left house for the 2nd time!
11:10 am - Met Cassie and girls @ Sam's Club, bought some fun things and got something that Grandma Robin bought for camping that I decided I had to have!!!

12:00 pm - lunch with Cassie and girls @ Rumbi Grill, loved that B seemed more comfortable with me and was being playful and fun!!!  Although she only wanted to talk about "pup" aka Sophie, her 2 favorite things about us King's are Sophie, the pup and bossing Zach around (she tells him to sit, only she adds an "h", can you guess where....)
2:00 pm - back home again, swinging in the hammock, but it was too hot to enjoy, wishing I had someone to fan me, swing me and feed me grapes.....where is Kennadee when I need her!
3:30 pm - had to postpone a pedi with a friend (because of kids, go figure) until tomorrow, at least it will be  something to look forward to!
4:00 pm - hmm, what to do when you can't have a pedi, take a nap!!!
5:30 pm - Dad came home and dinner is served
6:30 pm - Dad leaves for Bow Club and I water plants, what do I notice....the grass needs mowed, missing Bradley and Zach!!
7:00 pm - Start to catch up on computer stuff, grocery smarts, blog, e-mails, looking up articles to write talk on Sunday........oh yeah and Pinterest :)
8:40 pm - called and talked to Lainee, Grandma and Bradley, all others were out riding 4-wheelers.
11:00 pm - Dad goes to bed, Mom still on surprise, huh Bradley :p
12:25 am - I go to bed!!!
12:56 am - correction, now I go to bed........yay!!!

Saw cute pics of my kids today, missing them all the more!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week with no kids pt. 3

Wednesday, Wednesday, oh man why is it Wednesday!!!

9:00 am - woke up (Scott stayed home from work so no alarm clock, YAY!!!)
9:15 am - called and talked with Lainee and Zach (they were the only ones up)
9:30 am - got ready to go into SL with Scott

10:30 am - Went to Downtown SL to the new City Creek, beautiful!!!
12:00 pm - ate Lunch @ the Blue Lemon (yum, yum, yum)

(talked about all the cool stores each kid would like to go into, missing them)
2:00 pm - left City Creek (Scott bought me a present.....sadly it didn't come from Tiffany & Co. he wouldn't even let me go near that store)
3:00 pm - Couples Massage <3 <3
5:30 pm - Came home, ate dinner and had Movie Night (we even watched chick flicks)
11:00 pm - went to, love day dates with Scott!!!

Missing you guys, but somehow I am surviving :)